Automation Division
Automation Division
  • Automation Business
    20yrs experienced PCB automation equipment supplier
    Bring successment of PCB business to global/domestic partners
  • R&D
    Our R&D center quickly adjust to main trand of PCB industry and provide trust to partners with novel equipment
  • Global Market Pioneer and Joint Venture
    Aggresive marketing strategies for China and Global market to meet internationalization era and push forward Joint Venture with global company who has novel technology
  • Hardware
    Precise Stage(X-Y-Z) Implementaion and Compact Design,
    X-ray Camera Design
    Know-How in Vacuum System Design
  • Software
    PC Algorithm, Vision Sys / Programming
    Compact PLC Programing, High Frequency Control System Design
  • Human resource
    Equipment Design & Program - Over 10yrs experiences engineer
    Equipment Manufacturing & A/S - Over 10yrs experiences engineer